The UK Tesla Model Y configurator is now up and running ahead of first deliveries early next year. The RHD version of Tesla’s crossover will be available in either Long Range or Performance guise, with prices starting at £54,990 and £64,990 respectively.

Currently only the five-seat Model Y interior layout is available, meanwhile Enhanced Autopilot can be equipped for £3,400. Those after FSD (Full Self-Driving) will have to fork out £6,800. A tow hitch will be available for purchase after delivery. Should you choose to max-out your Model Y by selecting Performance spec, FSD, Red Multi-Coat paint and the Black and White interior trim you’ll have to pay £74,990.


Gallery: 2021 Tesla Model Y

Interestingly, the RHD Model Y Performance will not be available until mid-2022, around 6 months or so after first deliveries of the Long Range are set to take place. Following the launch of the UK configurator the Irish equivalent also went live, likely due to both countries using right-hand drive. In Ireland the Long Range Model Y starts at €69,800 meanwhile the Performance comes in at €79,478.

The Model Y Long Range has a 315 mile WLTP range, meanwhile the Performance version has a 298 mile estimation from Tesla as WLTP testing is yet to take place for it.