For the last few years, Renee Brinkerhoff and her Valkyrie Racing team have travelled the globe, racing for a cause. Driving a classic Porsche 356, she's conquered terrain on six of the Earth's seven continents, all while raising money to help the fight against human trafficking. Most racers would leave it at that, because simply getting to Antarctica isn't easy, never mind racing a Porsche there.

And yet, we have images of a highly modified Porsche 356 sitting on tracks and skis, shared through magnetomagazine on Instagram. Yes, this is actually happening.


Antarctica will be the culmination of Valkyrie Racing's Project 356, which launched in 2017 and has endured for 20,000 miles in some of the world's most inhospitable regions across six continents. The journey to the final continent is currently being documented on the team's Instagram account.


The last leg of this motoring mission will cover 356 miles across Antarctica, an ode to the vintage Porsche that Brinkerhoff will be driving. One doesn't simply take a normal car to Antarctica for a drive, however. According to The Drive, the 55-year-old Porsche is fitted with a track conversion on the rear axles and skis up front. Among other things, there's a winch point at the rear, an on-board survival kit, and a special rear window to aid in emergency egress should the car break through the ice. With the tracks and skis providing a very soft footprint on the surface, such a disastrous scenario hopefully won't play out.

Once the 356-mile rally is finished, The Drive reports Brinkerhoff will take a sprint across the frozen ice runway at Union Glacier where the new speed record will, in theory, be set. It's not clear if the tracks and skis will stay on the car for that, or if it will ride on a more normal set of studded tyres. Considering the runway accommodates large aircraft, it's safe to assume concerns about breaking through in a lightweight 1956 Porsche 356 are minimal.

The adventure is slated to happen in December, bringing Project 356 to a close. Thus far, Brinkerhoff and Valkyrie Racing have raised half a million dollars for combating human trafficking.