Stellantis has been a bit slower than other major automakers to move into the EV world, but the company has started a slow move in that direction. As a major step in this future, the automaker intends to convert the factory in Turin, Italy, into a hub for making electric vehicles.

In addition, Stellantis will build electric versions of the Maserati Ghibli and Quattroporte sedans at the Mirafori factory. The first of these EVs should arrive in 2022.

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"Stellantis is working with determination and alacrity to anticipate and prepare for the energy transition of all its Italian industrial sites," the company said in a statement Automotive News Europe reported.

The reworking of Italian manufacturing comes from the need to cut costs. The Stellantis factories there have production costs up to four times higher than the ones in France and Spain. This is because the vehicles coming from Italy have lower-than-expected sales, which is driving up the expenditure to build each unit.

The automaker has gone to absurd lengths to save money at the Italian plants. For example, the company reduced the number of toilets and cut back cleaning services at the Mirafiori factory. While this is sure to save a little bit of cash, it can't be enough to really put a dent in the problem.

Stellantis intends to launch 20 electrified models over the next two years, and 10 of them would be full EVs. Plus, one vehicle would come as both a PHEV and a fully electric variant. There's even an electric Jeep in the product plan for the first half of 2021.

Over at Dodge, the brand is already teasing an EV muscle car for 2024. A concept for it is on the way in 2022. All signs point to the vehicle having a retro look evoking models from the late 1960s and early '70s.