This is not the first time Tesla announced it was going to sell an alcoholic beverage, after previously offering a unique bottle of Tequila, which proved to be a huge success, selling out on the first day. Now Elon is at it again and has now announced that it will be selling Gigabeer bottled at its new Gigafactory that’s being built just outside Berlin, in Germany.

The bottle they want to sell the beer in is an angular, prismatic looking thing clearly inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck which says GigaBier on the side. The announcement was made at GigaFest (an event held at the German Gigafactory currently under construction) and it appears the company really is serious about it. And it actually makes sense, because in Germany, it's not frowned-upon to have a beer on your lunch break.

Tesla plans to employ as many as 10,000 people when the site will be fully up and running and the company will need to provide facilities for these employees. One facility is a train station that they want to build in order to better connect the factory with the city and allow for easier commuting.

Now while this may sound comical, it’s not actually that strange in Germany. For instance, Volkswagen sold currywursts at restaurants at six of its factories (as well as in some supermarkets and football stadiums spread across 11 countries) from 1973 until August of this year when it was dropped in favour of a vegetarian version, prompting many negative reactions, including from former German chancellor, Gerhard Schröder.

Believe it or not, the VW wurst actually had an official registered part number and the manufacturer actually produced its own food for workers starting way back in 1939. They sold as many as 7-million a year, making the currywurst the company’s most popular product, outselling any of its automotive offerings.