F1 driver Sebastian Vettel has a unique opinion about Germany’s lack of speed limits on the famous autobahn. You’d expect an F1 driver to have a more well-rounded opinion of speed and Vettel’s commentary does not disappoint. Vettel states that a speed limit is a no-brainer if it reduces carbon emissions and makes the roads of Germany a little safer.

It may be a hard pill to swallow, but Sebastian Vettel, a man who built his career around speed knows it has its limits. The four-time Formula One World Champion believes that Germany is a strong country that can help set an example for other countries around the world.

In Germany, the Autobahn system of highways features sections that have no speed limit. These locations are typically where there is less traffic and more room for drivers to stretch the legs of their cars. This famous tack on road safety has made German highways a tourist attraction for lovers of speed.

Vettel explained in his interview with Auto Motor Sport, “It's not about personal feelings. It is necessary to look at the big picture. A speed limit would save almost two million tons of CO2 emissions. And it would make the roads a little safer. There are accidents in Germany that only happen because we do not have a speed limit. If you only save the life of a single person, then that's a no-brainer for me.”

Germany is home to some of the best race tracks on earth and many are tourist-friendly. These locations will become even more important if Germany finally starts to add speed limits to every part of the Autobahn. As we move towards a world that works harder to reduce carbon emissions we could see the end of the deregulated Autobahn.