The fledgling electric car manufacturer, Polestar, has set its sights on Porsche as its main competition moving forward. This bold claim was made by Polestar CEO, Thomas Ingenlath, during an interview with auto motor und sport. For a company with only two models built so far, it’s quite a claim, but Ingenlath has big plans for the future of Polestar with models that will take the fight directly to Porsche.

Polestar wants to build cars that are climate neutral by 2030. This massive endeavour is known internally at Polestar as Project 0 and devotes all aspects of the business to be greener. Renewable energy for production and less waste are cornerstones of this ambitious project that will forever shape the brand and its long-term goals.

Outside of Polestar’s environmental goals, it wants to be the premier manufacturer of premium electric cars. This means competition with Tesla and BMW in the sports saloon and SUV space while targeting Porsche’s upcoming electric sports cars. Thomas Ingenlath affirms, “We are competing with Porsche for the best electrically powered premium sports car.”

Polestar’s vision faces numerous challenges. As of right now, all manufacturing takes place in China, and cars are then shipped to European customers. Polestar plans to utilise more rail applications and has aspirations to expand into European Volvo plants to grow production capacity and reduce emissions. Polestar has a long-term goal to also manufacture their upcoming Polestar 3 in Southern California.

The future of Polestar is bright as the new brand begins to win over customers in the premium segment from competitors. The growing appetite and excitement for EVs mean that as long as Polestar can produce a strong product they will surely gain market share. Can they compete with Porsche to build an electric sports car? We’re excited to see what happens.