The Porsche 928 may not be the porschists' favourite model, but it was produced from 1978 to 1995, which is unusual and admirable longevity of 17 years. The front-engine sports car had some success in the United States, and just recently, a Porsche 928 graveyard was discovered. 

We owe this find to Steve Rhodes, who through a Facebook post explains how he came across several abandoned Porsche 928s in a field. Steve was in charge of finding filming locations for the West World show. When he stumbled across this field, he couldn't believe it, but about 13 Porsche 928s were sleeping there in the open air waiting for someone to rescue them.

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It turns out the owner of the cars is a friend of the landowner. Apparently, the Porsche enthusiast asked if they could store his cars, and he has never returned since. According to the available information, the owner is still alive but seems to have lost interest in these cars which cost a bundle of money today. The owner reportedly does not want to sell or restore them and prefers that they perish there for some unknown reason. 

Steve warns malicious people that these Porsches are rotting in a protected field monitored by cameras. He knows very well that some smart kids will manage to locate the place on Google Maps, and that they might have the idea of ​​going there to pick up a car, parts, or to explore the place. 

On the internet, the prices of Porsche 928s vary according to their condition but also according to their engine. The model was systematically powered by a V8 with a displacement ranging from 4.5 litres to 5.4 litres. The first offers 240 bhp (176 kilowatts), while the most powerful version (GTS) develops 350 bhp (257 kW). This 928 graveyard has different models, will you be able to recognise them?