MIAMI, Florida (October 6, 2021) – During his 25-year career in the sports and media industry, Ciesla has a proven track record of leading and successfully building businesses in various management positions. In his CEO role, Ciesla oversees Motorsport Network’s global strategy.

“As a highly recognized industry veteran with experience in leading motorsport brands, including serving as CEO of WRC Promoter GmbH, Oliver is the ideal person to take the wheel at Motorsport Network,” said James Allen, President of Motorsport Network. “We are confident he will continue to establish the Motorsport Network ecosystem of brands in the Digital Media and Commerce, Games and Driven Lifestyle verticals for all things motorsports and automotive.” 

Ciesla began his career at Motorsport Network in 2020, heading its racing division, including popular brands like and, as well as the events division, with, offering a vast range of tickets for motorsport fans, and Autosport International, Europe’s largest motorsport show.  Since 2021, Ciesla has served as Motorsport Network’s CEO, leading the execution of their strategy, and optimizing the integration and collaboration between its many divisions and offices, to further leverage synergies across the network’s growing ecosystem. 

“Our mission at Motorsport Network is to be the leading media and technology platform for the global motorsport and automotive industries and their fans,” said Ciesla “I am grateful to have the opportunity to lead our more than 800 dedicated team members in building the Motorsport Network brand and to share our combined passion with the more than 60 million monthly followers who engage with our digital properties.” 

Prior to his appointment as Motorsport Network’s CEO, Oliver served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Before joining the company, Ciesla was CEO of the Red Bull joint venture -  WRC Promoter GmbH – where he was responsible for all commercial aspects of the FIA World Rally Championship.  Additionally, he spent almost three years as Managing Director of The Sportsman Media Group (now Sportradar) and more than 12 years at Sportfive, holding senior roles, including Managing Director Italy and Vice President of TV rights.  

About Motorsport Network 

Motorsport Network is the leading independent media, interactive entertainment, and e-commerce company focused on the motorsport and automotive industries.  Every month, approximately 60 million dedicated users visit a Motorsport Network digital property, to buy, to learn, to be entertained, or simply to feed their passion for cars and racing. Motorsport Network sits at the heart of the racing and automotive industries and provides authoritative thought leadership as well as unique experiences for our customers. Motorsport Network puts racing and automotive enthusiasts on a journey that encompasses news and insights, events, tickets, games, and eSports, and leverages the network effect to add value to their experience.  Through the use of in-house technology and modern data tools to continuously test, learn, and improve, Motorsport Network’s processes, content creation, and products are constantly evolving to better serve our audience, clients, and partners. 


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