The Mercedes-Benz EQC 4x4² was a stunning one-off off-road all-electric SUV the automaker debuted last October. It’s a drivable concept, though one that wasn’t destined to become a reality, though a new video from the walkoARTvideos YouTube channel shows the high-riding SUV leading a pack of current Mercedes prototypes. If Mercedes wanted to be subtle, it failed because it’s hard to hide the ECQ 4x4².

It’s strange to see the concept used in such a way, though it is nice to see the wild thing out on the road. However, we have no idea why it’s out and about, nor do we know what Mercedes is testing. The one-off’s biggest feature was its raised ride height, which offered up to 11.5 inches (293 millimetres) of ground clearance thanks to portal axles, more than doubling what’s offered on the standard model. That’s more than the G-Class.

Gallery: Mercedes EQC 4x4² concept

The EQC 4x4² doesn’t look any different. There’s no camouflage covering it at all, and the front and rear fascias are clearly exposed. There is a radio antenna on the rear of the roof, likely used to communicate with other vehicles in the fleet, but the model certainly doesn’t look like it’s entering production anytime soon. The vehicle sports the concept’s unique wheels and the 4x4 branding on the lower doors. However, it’s still odd to see with its chunky tyres and audacious wheel arch flares.

We doubt Mercedes is readying the model for production, though high-riding vehicles are more popular than ever, and off-road-oriented ones are garnering big followings. A high-riding variant of the all-electric EQC would excite enthusiasts, though we don’t see Mercedes going through with it as it continues to expand its lineup with vehicles that have a broad appeal. The fun, outrageous stuff can arrive later, which we know the company is preparing to do.