Video cameras are everywhere, for better or for worse, and their proliferation means more of life is recorded than ever. They can capture would-be criminals in the act or highlight the dangers of distracted driving, but they captured something a bit more stunning in Australia. Police video footage caught a dramatic incident where a Toyota Hilux careened across eight lanes of traffic, narrowly missing several cars, before crashing into a building.

The video starts with the Hilux entering the left side of the frame, driving over a grassy median at a high rate of speed and kicking up dirt before jumping onto the perpendicular motorway. An oncoming crossover – maybe a Nissan X-Trail, perhaps – almost T-bones it, hitting the brakes just in time to avoid a collision. The Hilux races past it, jumping a concrete median while weaving its way through two lanes of stopped traffic. The truck then jumps a third median, travelling fast enough to get air before disappearing out of the frame.

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The video doesn’t show the Toyota hitting the building, though the passengers, a female driver and a young child were sent to the Royal Darwin Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Northern Territory Police are investigating the incident, though police are saying that the driver lost control of the vehicle and failed to negotiate a turn before crashing. Luckily, there were no other reported injuries, though we bet the incident rattled more than a few peoples’ nerves.

Things could have been a lot worse for the Hilux and the other innocent bystanders. The truck was travelling at a high rate of speed, and t-boning any of the other vehicles on the road could have been devastating. Several more people could have been hurt, or worse, though it sounds like everyone involved in this incident was lucky to walk away.