We've seen all manner of vehicles converted into cozy motorhomes. Some are designed for occasional getaways, others are permanent, but this is the first time we've seen a double-decker bus decked out as a not-so-tiny home. And though it's stationary at the moment, it can still be driven should a change of scenery be desired.

This amazing bus is the brainchild of Luke Walker and Charlie MacVicar. The couple call the UK home, and after all kinds of travelling adventures, they opted to settle down. According to MyJournal.com, they weren't keen on dumping money into expensive rentals or getting locked into a big mortgage, so they got creative.


Ordinarliy, thinking outside the box would be an apt cliché to describe this endeavour, but given the shape of the double-decker, this is all about being inside the box. When they found a retired Volvo bus in good shape for just $3,500, they put their plan into motion.


Save for the country setting and a large stovepipe out the back, this bus still looks like a classic London double-decker. Step inside, however, and you'll find all the comforts of a standard home. The first floor features a full kitchen with a dining table, and a front-load washing machine is cleverly installed in the kitchen, providing counter space while cleaning clothes. The far end of the bus serves as the living room, and it's also where you'll find the wood-burning stove for heat on cold nights. The entire floor is open making the space feel larger than it is, except for the half-bathroom with a toilet and sink nestled in the middle.

Why is it just a half bathroom? Because a full-size bathtub is located upstairs in the couple's very large bedroom. The entire top floor is dedicated to the bedroom, which includes custom-built furniture to fit the various design quirks of the bus. Obviously the floors and walls were all redone to create a bright, neutral atmosphere. The plethora of windows also adds to the openness, but it does come at a cost. The bus doesn't have any special insulation so it can get a bit warm and cold depending on the season.


As for power, the bus is actually situated on land in Essex and is currently connected to the standard power grid. Water and natural gas are also hooked up, making this home on wheels a proper full-time house. It also means Luke and Charlie can't simply jump behind the wheel for a trip without some extra effort, but the bus is still roadworthy should the travel bug bite them again.

In the meantime, this couple shares their van bus life routine through an Instagram account dedicated to their home. It was considerable work to build, but with only $21,000 invested so far, it's a neat home that doesn't come with a fat mortgage or rent payments. It's tough to find fault with that.