TOM'S is one of Toyota's official tuning shops. With official backing from Japan's biggest automaker, they recently made a tribute to one of Hollywood's biggest car enthusiasts, the late Paul Walker. So how did TOM'S go about it? By jazzing up three white A90 GR Supras while collaborating with Japanese lifestyle magazine Safari.

But what's the link between the white Supra and Paul Walker? On the surface, it looks like TOM'S is simply using the late actor's name to show off what they did to the modern Supra. However, there is a much deeper connection than you think.

Gallery: TOM'S Pays Tribute To Paul Walker With Kitted-Out Toyota GR Supra

Do you remember the white A80 Toyota Supra seen in Furious 7? That was actually Walker's personal car featured in the film. With that established, you can see why TOM'S did the mods applied to the reborn Supra and did their best to match the one owned by Walker.

As far as body kits go, TOM'S gave the A90 Supra tribute car a subtle and aggressive look. There's a somewhat restrained lip at the front and a tall rear spoiler that's a nod to the A80 generation. The ride height is a bit lower compared to stock thanks to a set of KW coilovers. Like Walker's own Supra, the TOM'S tribute has BBS LM wheels. There are no photos of the cabin, but Safari says it has a full leather interior, along with carbon fibre inserts on the dash and doors.

But the TOM'S tribute isn't just a Supra with a subtle kit. TOM'S also gave it what a bit more pep under the bonnet. Thanks to the TOM'S Power Box, power rises from 382 bhp (285 kilowatts) to 420 bhp (313 kilowatts). That simple box tune gave the Supra a healthy increase of 38 bhp (28 kilowatts).

TOM'S will only build three of these Paul Walker tribute GR Supras. Each of these carry a price tag of 12.97 million Yen, which is approximately £86,200 at current exchange rates. That's a hefty increase over the standard Supra 3.0's RRP of £54,365. However, it is a lot less than the Supra from the first The Fast and the Furious movie that sold for £135,000 back in 2015.

According to the magazine, if there are many applications, the buyers will be chosen via lottery system. Given the weight of Walker's influence around the car circles, that might just happen.