Mercedes switched its traditional silver arrows livery for all-black design ahead of the delayed start to the 2020 season in a strong anti-racism message amid activism around the world.

The black livery was retained for a second season in 2021, but the team could return to its silver design next year.

After making a similar switch for the final six races of the 2019-20 Formula E season in Berlin last year, Mercedes’ Formula E squad returned to its silver livery for the 2020-21 campaign.

Hamilton has been F1’s most vocal figure pushing for greater diversity and equality within the industry.

Last year, he established The Hamilton Commission, pushing to improve representation of black people in UK motorsport, as well as working with Mercedes on its in-house ‘Accelerate 25’ scheme.

Hamilton said over the Russian Grand Prix weekend he didn’t “have a particular feeling towards it” when asked about a possible return to a silver livery, placing a greater focus on the practical changes taking place to improve diversity and inclusion.

“It is originally a silver arrows,” Hamilton said.

“When I asked if we could go to make the car black last year, in terms of the symbolism, and what we intend to do moving forward in terms of support, I wasn’t expecting it to last particularly long, and we carried it into a second season, which is awesome.

“If it goes back, it will be a nice change. It doesn’t deter us from the changes that we are making internally, as we continue to truly push for diversity, even working with all of our partners.

“Even the other day with UBS, we had these young kids come [and talk to us as we] try to inspire the next generation of engineers from all different backgrounds.

“We’ve got a good programme going, so it doesn’t make a difference.”

Mercedes launched its Accelerate 25 programme last December, outlining a five-year plan to aim for 25% of all new starters at the team to come from under-represented groups until 2025.

Hamilton and Mercedes jointly launched a charitable initiative called Ignite in July this year following recommendations from The Hamilton Commission, focusing on increasing the level of diverse talent entering motorsport and pursuing careers in STEM subjects.

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