The classic 1960s Porsche 912 offers one of the most pure and unadulterated driving experiences you could have in a car. It’s not powerful or particularly quick, but it is involving in a way newer models aren’t and many enthusiasts really cherish the hands-on driving experience that it offers - it requires skill and concentration to be driven quickly but this makes it rewarding for keen drivers.

But how big a part of that experience is the rear-mounted boxer engine, and how much of the experience is diluted if you remove it and replace it with more powerful electric motor? Well, a company called Zelectric says that not a lot and, on the contrary, it actually enhances the driving experience - Jay Leno seems to be totally on-board with that in his drive of the Zelectric Tesla-swapped 912.

Leno featured the vehicle on Jay Leno's Garage and even though it looks relatively stock from the outside, it really isn't stock, and he was extremely impressed by how it all comes together. Zelectric did a tremendous job with the conversion and the integration of the electric powertrain and if you’re into EV conversions, you will really want to pay attention to this video as they explain a lot of what went into making it (spoiler alert: it’s not easy, especially with no prior experience).

And it’s not as simple as just pulling out the old ICE lump, which you will want to store and preserve because someone might want to reinstate it in the future, and it adds to the resale value of the vehicle if you still have it. They didn’t even add that much more weight to the vehicle, another danger you face when converting an ICE vehicle to electric, and they apparently managed to achieve a better weight distribution.