A new teaser video provides a better look at the Subaru Solterra, the brand's first EV. In addition to seeing it from the side again, the clip offers glimpses of the front and rear of the upcoming crossover.

The video mixes shots of the Solterra and images of nature like birds chirping and wind blowing through the grass. Initially, we see the same image of the side of the EV as in the earlier teaser. The next shot is a great look at the vehicle's rear, including two distinct spoilers and an angular shape for the taillights. A glimpse of the front shows headlights with four, square LED projectors.

Gallery: Subaru Solterra

The rest of the video includes a few scenes of the Solterra on the move. The EVs are so far away in the shot that there isn't much to see.

The video reuses the image of the cabin from the previous teaser. The interior has a digital instrument cluster that sits high and far away from the steering wheel. There's a large infotainment screen on the centre stack and a touchpad on the console. 

The Solterra is Subaru's version of the Toyota BZ4X electric crossover. The two models share a very similar design, except for minor changes at the front and back. They also seem to have the same cabin.

There's no specific powertrain info for either model. The Solterra has all-wheel drive, which points to a two-motor layout. Battery and range details also aren't available yet.

The Solterra will go on sale in 2022 as a 2023 model year product. Given the number of teasers, Subie might be preparing for a full debut soon. The timing would make sense because Toyota plans to unveil the BZ4X before the end of the year and put the EV on sale in mid-2022.