Before Porsche revealed the production version of the Taycan, it previewed it with the Mission E concept. We believe it is doing the same with the latest concept it has shown, the Mission R, which could be a heavily disguised version of the company's first fully-electric sports car, expected to be a 718 replacement (according to some rumours).

You may remember that the Mission R was shown in Munich (not at the actual IAA Mobility 2021, but in a separate stand in downtown) and it is a lot more than just a show car. Even so, it still attracted a lot of attention - people just wanted to go see this new concept, even if they had to go out of their way to do so.

Porsche recently released more information on the Mission R’s philosophy and underpinnings, and it’s pretty clear they wanted to make the vehicle fully functional and able to deliver on its performance promise. To me, this makes it obvious that it has some intention to take some of the ideas it showed with this concept into production, maybe even its entire exterior design.

Porsche Mission R concept

But what if it did exactly the same thing it did with the Mission E? And by that I mean that Mission R might be a preview for an upcoming sports car. It could even be the electric 718 (Cayman and Boxster) that we know Porsche is already working on, although we can’t be sure of that.

What we can do is try to imagine what a road-going version of the Mission R might look like, or just have a look at the quick rendering I made based on one of the official photos from Porsche. Now whether or not this is an accurate preview of the first electric two-door Porsche, we don’t know, but we are pretty sure this is the best look yet at what that upcoming model may look like.