France’s Mutuelle des Motards (Motorcyclists Mutual Insurance) regularly gather a list of the most stolen motorcycle and scooter models in the country. While most riders assume that thieves frequently target flagship motorcycle models, the Honda X-ADV, PCX, and Yamaha TMax topped the list. For that reason, the study also reached out to riders in order to understand their current habits, perceptions, and how they impact theft prevention.

Out of all the riders surveyed, 47 percent believed that sportbikes were the most vulnerable class of two-wheelers to theft. Opposed to popular opinion, bike burglars steal scooters five times more often than sportbikes. As a result, no fully-faired sportbike cracks Mutuelle des Motards’ top 10 list. However, Triumph’s Street Triple 675/765 naked sportbike ranks ninth on the annual study.

Mutuelle des Motards also claims that the majority of the riders surveyed spend less than €100 (£85) on security devices and only buy a new motorcycle or scooter every 10 years. Even more discouraging, a third of riders aren’t aware of the latest GPS tracking security devices while only seven percent of road-going two-wheelers actually have them installed.

“Less than 30% of two-wheelers are found after a theft: GPS trackers can greatly improve this statistic and above all, allow users to find their two-wheelers,” revealed Mutuelle des Motards innovation officer Yannick Bournazel. “Beyond the financial aspect, motorcycles are imbued with a large part of affect, more important than for the automobile and this is not trivial. Their prices are falling, the competition is fierce, GPS trackers are a real solution on which we are currently working with manufacturers.”

Of course, the study needs to take factors such as parking availability and ease of lock transport into account, but respondents admitted that they only use security devices 68 percent of the time.

“If nothing is done, the two-wheeler claims will continue to increase and contributions will have to adapt accordingly,” noted Mutuelle des Motards prevention and innovation expert Laurent Santucci. “We even see that some competitors now refuse to insure certain models that are too exposed.”

Following the study, Mutuelle des Motards is imploring riders and manufacturers to rethink the systems they use to protect their motorcycles or scooters.