Buying cars using cold cash is supposed to be uncomplicated, right? I mean, go to a dealership, bring your cash, then drive home with your new ride.

However, that isn't the exact case here. YouTuber Dawson of BigDawsTV, which has over 7 million subscribers as of this writing, wanted to buy a Lamborghini since he's a child. Now he's about to buy one, he wanted to document it.

Although, he isn't buying an Italian supercar using conventional means. To spice things up a bit, he wanted to purchase the Lambo using only $1 bills – $250,000 worth of singles, to be exact. A painful task? You bet.

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The first challenge was to withdraw cash using the requested denomination. His bank apparently didn't have enough singles to fulfil the request since their vault can only fit a total of $100,000 of $1 bills. So, Dawson had to make three trips.

The next challenge is finding the right car to buy. The first dealership he went to had the perfect Lamborghini Huracan. It's in green, plus it had the right miles and price. Dawson loved it but unfortunately, the dealership wasn't accepting cash, so the YouTuber had to shop around.

The second and third dealerships they went to didn't have a Lambo that he loves, so Dawson had to call it a day and try some other time.

The next morning, Dawson resolved to buy through a private seller. It's a white Huracan with upgraded wheels, which was asking for $220,000 for his Huracan. The YouTuber loved it and decided to buy it. The seller was understandably hesitant at first when shown the boatloads of $1 bills but after a few more moments, he went on with the deal and accepted the cash.

The video embedded atop shows the whole ordeal. It was both funny and weird but ultimately, it's a reminder that having the cash doesn't mean everything's going to be easy, especially if you're talking about $250,000 in single denominations.