The Nissan GT-R has taken many forms since the current R35 model debuted in 2007 by spawning countless special editions in a bid to stop Godzilla from aging. Case in point, the immortal supercar is now a non-fungible token to bank on the growing popularity of NFTs, described as unique pieces of digital art hosted on the blockchain.

Nissan Canada teamed up with local artist Alex McLeod to illustrate the GT-R in a supernatural environment as a way to "highlight the boldness of the vehicle and its various features." While an NFT is still rather confusing since you can simply download the images and videos on your computer, you have to actually buy it to obtain the copyright and claim ownership.

Nissan GT-R NFT
Nissan GT-R NFT

That's where the auction comes in, allowing bidders to own the rights to the unique GT-R NFT. Nissan Canada has set up a reserve price of 280,000 CAD (about £161,000 at current exchange rates), and while that sounds like a ridiculous amount of money to pay for a non-fungible token, the car's digital interpretation comes bundled with an actual GT-R Nismo.

The digital artwork is hosted on the NFT marketplace RubiX and the live auction is scheduled to kick off on October 5 at 12:01 AM and end on October 7 at 11:59 PM ET. Once the reserve is met, everything above it will be donated to charity. It's worth mentioning the real car is a GT-R Nismo Special Edition, which carries an eye-watering price tag of 279,498 CAD, thus making it virtually identical to the reserve price of the NFT.

The person with the highest bid will obtain the digital rights to the NFT and get behind the wheel of the real thing later this fall when the GT-R Nismo Special Edition is scheduled to arrive in Canada. Anyone around the world can bid on the NFT / car, but the winning bidder must travel to a Canadian dealership to grab the keys.