It wasn’t clear earlier this year if the next-generation Porsche 718 would go fully electric, keep its petrol engines, or find a balance between the two. The company wasn’t certain the technology would be capable of producing a compelling sports car. However, a new Car and Driver report suggests otherwise. The publication, citing sources within and outside the company, says Porsche plans to turn the model into a fully electric lineup in 2025.

That’s not all Car and Driver has on the prospective model, either. According to the report, Porsche previewed the fully electric 718 with the Mission R Concept earlier this month. Take away the wild aero, and it’s a good indication of what the production model could look like, says the publication. However, there are still challenges the company has to overcome before Porsche adds another EV to its lineup.

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Porsche is concerned about the car’s weight, and it’s targeting 1,655 kilograms (3,650 pounds). That’s no easy feat because batteries are heavy, though Porsche is allegedly developing a shortened version of its PPE platform to help with this. Customers should expect the entry-level rear-motor model to sit below the dual-motor all-wheel-drive variants, which could stray into 911 power territories. The car’s range is also a concern, with Car and Driver reporting that 250 miles is Porsche’s targeted minimum.

The fully electric 718 will be available as a Boxster and Cayman, with the convertible likely keeping its fabric roof. It’ll get a front end similar to that on the Taycan that’s wider than what you’d typically find on a Porsche. Car and Driver says that the 718 will debut in 2024. It’ll be interesting to see if Porsche meets that target. Porsche CEO Olivier Blume had strong reservations about the technology’s contrariness earlier this year, but the company seems to be working to overcome them. 

Check out Car and Driver’s report for all the juicy details.

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