Another day, another weird find in the depths of the interwebs. This time, we've found a pretty odd yet equally brilliant ride from the '80s that's for sale. And it's not just any car – it's a London Taxi that's quite clean and pristine, complete with its meter installed by the second row.

However, this isn't any ordinary London Taxis for sale. Inside the bonnet is a big block 444-bhp (331-kilowatt) Chevy V8. That's 502 cubic inches in displacement to be exact or 8.2 litres. Found on eBay Germany, this peculiar engine swap is selling for 34,990 euros or around £30,000 with the current conversion rates.

Gallery: 1989 London Taxi with Chevy V8 Engine Swap

While the heart transplant is a bit odd, this London Taxi also comes with hydraulics on all four wheels done by Brittania Hydraulics & Custom Accessories in London. So yes, you can raise the front or the back, or both, something you might want to do to show off to your friends while driving a sedate-looking V8-powered classic cab.

More importantly, the car hasn't met any accident yet plus it only has 99 miles on the clock, so it's quite fresh. Besides, it was created as a hobbyist vehicle, so you practically know its purpose.

Even better, the company that's selling this resto-modified cab is offering insured delivery service from its current location in Austria. They can even ship it internationally, available upon request and at a price, of course.

In case you're interested, this isn't available for bidding so the aforementioned price above is fixed as advertised. However, you may want to contact the seller directly via the source link below for more details, or if ever you have a price in mind for the car.