Camper projects are in and while full-fledge motorhomes aren't always a viable choice for some people, camper trailers that they can tow around when they want to are another option for weekend adventurers.

A lot of camper trailers offer a lot of space in minute packages while some go big with massive tow trailers. Australian company Bruder is one of the latter and its latest product, the Bruder EX-8, is the biggest one in the lineup yet. More importantly, it's filled with off-grid features for longer camp-outs in the wild.

Gallery: Bruder EX-8 Off-Grid Camping Trailer

The Bruder EX08 follows the EX-4 and EX-6 in the company's lineup, taking much of its features from the latter but with increased dimensions. Bruder calls it a "truly 4-season 21st-century global expiration platform," with distinctive proportions and design.

We don't have the full specifications just yet but Bruder shared some important bits about the EX-8 beyond the images provided on its website.

According to the company, the EX-8 will come with a 1,600W solar system and 1,000Ah lithium battery power, plus reverse osmosis and a water purification system. That said, staying disconnected from the world is possible, especially for unplanned extensions.

Apart from the off-grid features, the EX-8 also comes with off-road chops, specifically a Bruder-branded 12-inch wheel travel suspension with 50:50 load split and auto-calibration to suit different tow vehicles. The wheels are wrapped in 37-in tyres plus there's a warn recovery winch. More importantly, there's a nifty double door system for instant access to the premium interior or direct access to the toilet.

More details are expected to arrive as Bruder said that the EX-8 is still an upcoming product. Full specifications are available upon request of a quote, so make sure to visit the source link below if you're interested.