Ford CEO Jim Farley isn't completely ruling out sending the Ford Bronco to Europe. He thinks it would be a competitor against the Land Rover Defender.

"I’m just waiting for these guys [Ford of Europe] to make up their mind," Farley told Auto Express at the Goodwood Revival.

The reporter also asked if the Ford CEO thought the Bronco would work in Europe. "Absolutely, it works. I see all these Defenders around – absolutely. I think it would work fine."

The comparison to the Defender is apt because it's very similar to the Bronco in terms of exterior footprint.

  Ford Bronco 2-Door Land Rover Defender 2-Door Ford Bronco 4-Door Land Rover Defender 4-Door
Length 173.7 inches 170.2 inches 189.4 inches 187.4 inches
Wheelbase 100.4 inches 101.9 inches 116.1 inches 118.9 inches

The Defender is available with more engine options than the Bronco. In the UK, buyers can get the Land Rover with 249 bhp (183 kilowatts) to 525 bhp (386 kW), and there are lots of choices in between. The Bronco has either 300 bhp (224 kW) or 330 bhp (246 kW) at the moment. The Raptor will add a third, more powerful option.

Before any European readers run down to their local Ford showroom to put a deposit down on a Bronco, keep in mind that the SUV's arrival in Europe is not going to happen very soon, if it occurs at all. The Blue Oval is already experiencing production issues that are delaying deliveries to American customers. Plus, the automaker is allegedly making things more complicated by adding the Raptor.

Ford has at least taken the simple step of registering a trademark for Bronco in the European Union and other markets around the world. This keeps other automakers from swooping in and using the name on a vehicle.