The mainstream media have accustomed the public with the idea that EVs are prone to catching fire, extensively covering every such event.

But the truth is petrol-powered vehicles are more likely to catch fire than EVs. For example, Tesla’s Vehicle Fire Data for 2012–2020 reveal that there has been about one vehicle fire for every 205 million miles travelled.

In comparison, the national average in the US is one vehicle fire for 19 million miles, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and U.S. Department of Transportation.

You’re far more likely to witness an ICE vehicle catch fire than an EV doing the same, and one Tesla Model Y driver from Woodbridge, New Jersey learned that first hand.

In the video shared by Wham Baam Teslacam, we can see footage from the Tesla as it pulled up to a light behind a grey BMW X1. After the Bimmer turned right, smoke started to pour out from under the German SUV.

For some reason, the BMW driver did not notice the thick cloud of smoke behind him and continued speeding off. This prompted Bryan, the Tesla owner, to go in pursuit of the BMW to let the driver know that his car was on fire.

The Model Y owner honked the horn to get the BMW X1 driver’s attention several times, finally managing to get noticed at a stoplight. As the BMW driver opened the window, Bryan’s wife yelled, “Your car is on fire!

It truly was a lifesaving moment because moments after he exited the car, the flames burning underneath the X1 engulfed the entire vehicle in an explosion. Thanks to the Model Y’s TeslaCam system, the incident has been recorded for posterity.

Now, don’t expect TV stations to use this footage in their news bulletins. On the other hand, if the Tesla Model Y were in the BMW X1’s place…