The Suzuki Swift is a humble hatchback that succeeded different small models of the brand in different regions of the world. The first generation wasn’t a huge commercial success in Europe, but the Swift earned a name for its simplicity and reliability, as well as for its capable all-wheel-drive version. However, it was never famous for its good crosses or distant shots. Wait, what?!

One of the most famous roles of the Swift was as a football player in Top Gear’s football games held live in front of big audiences across different locations in Europe. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May, and The Stig played several games with each car representing a football player on the pitch. A recent auction on eBay saw the sale of nine of those cars for what we consider a very reasonable price.

Gallery: Suzuki Swift from Top Gear live for sale

Located in the South West of England, the nine Suzuki Swifts were sold as a lot on the UK’s eBay platform and someone paid £7,900 to get them. We don’t know what they will be used for, though the ad for the cars explains the hatchbacks start and drive, but are damaged and not road worthy. Maybe a private football game with friends?

From what we see in the photos, these seem to be from the first generation Swift, which means the cars were produced sometime between 2005 and 2010, most likely at Suzuki’s Hungarian plant in the city of Esztergom. When it was sold new in Europe more than a decade ago, the Swift was available with either a 1.3- or a 1.5-litre engine, though we suspect the examples featured here all have the same engine.

Refresh your memories about the Top Gear football in the attached videos below.