The video above shows a recent incident when California Highway Patrol had to deal with a Tesla vehicle (Model 3 or Model Y) reportedly driving on Autopilot, with the driver suspected of being under the influence (DUI)..

ABC7 Los Angeles reports that the car hit a roadside wall and continued its journey to God knows what destination.

The police slowed the car down and forced it to a full stop, which is probably the best way to stop a car, at least until someday when police get access to ask Tesla to shut down a particular car in the case of emergency.

"A DUI suspect was taken into custody after her Tesla vehicle that was reportedly on Autopilot stopped on a freeway overpass in the Glendale area Thursday night.

According to a California Highway Patrol incident log, the vehicle hit a roadside wall shortly after 11 p.m. and kept traveling as the driver was reportedly unconscious."

It's hard to blame Tesla Autopilot assist driving system in this case. Actually, without the system, the car potentially would crash one way or another.

In the future, the industry will have to figure out how to determine the driver's status and safely stop driving (or continue slowly if stopping would be more dangerous than moving to exit some high-speed section).

For police, stopping an Autopilot-driven car actually sounds easier task than stopping a DUI-driven car.