When it comes to coachbuilding and improving upon existing masterpieces, Ares Design is one of the masters of the art. But among its creations, the 911 Targa modifications are personal favourites. The Ares 964 Targa was easily the classiest resto-modifications I've ever seen, while the 991 GT3 Targa from 2018 was another bombshell.

Ares Design continues on with that tradition of building beautiful 911 Targas by introducing its latest project – a 992-generation 911 Targa. It's sleek, it's classy, and it's everything one could expect from an Ares.

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Just like the Ares 964 Turbo announced earlier this year, the Ares 992 Targa is a one-off project. It sports a new carbon fibre aero kit, designed by the Modenese Centro Stile and tastefully integrated into the body. the body kits increase the 911 Targa's width by 8 centimetres (3.14 inches) in the front and 4 cm (1.57 in) at the back. According to Ares, this creates a new powerful stance for the Targa, and we couldn't agree more.

Inside, the Ares 992 Targa gets a fully refurbished cabin. The company used the highest quality leather for upholstery, along with new decors to amplify the appeal. Of course, the stands as a stark accent.

Apart from the aesthetic updates, the Ares 992 Targa also gets aftermarket performance upgrades to increase its output. The twin-turbocharged flat-six engine has been tuned plus the whole setup gets a new sports exhaust system, increasing the overall output by 60 bhp (45 kilowatts) from the original.

As a one-off project, Ares said that this latest creation is a bespoke order for a customer. Price wasn't disclosed but you can always contact the Italian company for inquiries as long as you are "a connoisseur and a true enthusiast," as Ares wants to call its patrons.