Electrification is the imminent future of the automotive industry, it's hard to deny that. However, among the technological developments of automobiles are the increasing screen real-estate in modern cars. In fact, automakers have gone a long way to insert as many screens as possible in new cars. Case in point: the MBUX Hyperscreen found in the new Mercedes EQS flagship EV.

But Alfa Romeo has other plans in mind. In an interview by BFM Business and relayed through a report by French automotive site Caradisiac, new Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato drew some insight about the future cars of the Italian marque.

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In the said interview, Imparato was quoted saying that he has a very particular positioning for future Alfa Romeo cars. He wanted them to be driver-centric, with only "as few screens as possible" in the car.

"I don't sell an iPad with a car around it, I sell an Alfa Romeo," the new CEO added.

As with several automakers these days, the Italian marque is getting for the electric future. Imparato added that future Alfa Romeo cars will have to convey emotions even without the aural pleasure coming from the engine sound.

As to how will that last bit be executed remains to be seen, but we're counting to see these developments in the upcoming Alfa Romeo vehicles. The sub-Stelvio SUV, the Tonale, is confirmed to be arriving with a plug-in hybrid EV version, which is the first of its kind for the automaker.

Whether the 2022 Tonale will have a small screen real-estate or a rampaging emotional drive even when in full EV mode, our guess is just as good as yours right now. But if you're a fan of Alfa Romeo, how do you feel about these insights provided by its new CEO? Let us know your thoughts below.