Few vehicles in the world are as iconic as the classic Volkswagen Transporter. The early Type 1 and Type 2 generations stand out from the rest, and now, the Type 2 is immortalised in glorious fashion as a wood replica of a 1976 pickup. And it's epic in every possible way.

This is another creation from Woodworking Art on YouTube, and as usual, it's not lacking in detail. We're talking extreme detail, from vents on the Type 2's familiar face to door locks hand-chiselled into the already tiny door handles. The video starts with a single block of wood and a diagram of the vehicle, and from there, it's a fast-paced journey to the finished product. But it's so much more than that.

We understand the need to keep videos like this rather short. Attention spans in 2021 are shorter than ever, but we're getting just a taste of the time and talent that goes into this hand-carved model. Power tools are used for the larger steps like cutting out space for the interior, but the intricate work is done with a hammer and various-sized chisels. That kind of talent and attention to detail isn't given proper justice in an eight-minute video.

For example, at the 1:38 mark we see the Type 2's small wing/fender lips being drawn by hand onto the flat body. That alone is impressive, but then we learn why the outlines are drawn there. They aren't guides for gluing wings on. Instead, the material around them is removed, and by that, we mean the entire side. And though we don't see it on camera, that's repeated for the other side as well. That's why the wings look like they're part of the body and not an add-on. They actually are part of the body. We shudder to think how long that process alone took to get right, never mind the rest of the van.

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As with the previous wood-carved creations we've featured, this one rides on a functional suspension. The doors open, the sides and tailgate on the pickup bed fold, and there's even a detailed air-cooled engine at the back, hand-carved from its own piece of wood. Amazing.

According to the video description, this VW was made for a friend. We sincerely hope the friend is properly impressed with the final product.