Tesla always offers plenty for your money in terms of tech, performance and range, however individual customisation is an area they aren’t too focused on.

In fact, Tesla’s minimalist approach means buyers are left with only a handful of options for each vehicle on the firm’s configurator, in comparison to the thousands of unique specs other manufacturers allow you to create. Hence more and more third-party tuning companies are beginning to offer bodykits, accessories, and even performance upgrades for Teslas. 

The Model 3 in particular has numerous aftermarket tuning options, with firms like Unplugged, T Sportline, and Revozport all offering their own unique takes on Tesla’s mid-sized saloon. Now German tuner Manhart has joined them and released their own version of the Model 3, dubbed the TM3 720. 

Based off the Model 3 Performance, the TM3 720 features a carbon front spoiler, custom 21” alloys, and tinted rear windows. Interestingly, it also has what appears to be a grill, but in reality, it is a decal added purely for aesthetic purposes. The rear of the car and the interior have not been changed at all. 

Gallery: Gallery: Tesla MANHART TM3 720

An ECU remap has taken total power output to 542 bhp, meanwhile H & R lowering springs have been added to help the chassis deal with all the extra power.  

Pricing for all the above comes in at €74,900 in Germany. That price does include the donor car, with the Model 3 Performance starting at €55,970 in Germany. Hence Manhart are effectively charging €18,930 for all the work they’ve done to the Model 3, which sounds like a pretty sweet deal in our books.