Every creation starts with an idea. For Lego, it's quite literal as anyone who has an idea to create a Lego model can submit their entries to Lego Ideas to make them official.

One cool product we've found on the website is this: a Rimac Nevera Lego creation by user platon_dr. If you think the Croatian hypercar is too curvy and complex to become a Lego, its creator thought so too but he took that as a challenge to make this brick masterpiece. According to them, a Nevera Lego set would be great since the toy and hobbies company has to move on into the electric car future as well.

Gallery: Lego Ideas Rimac Nevera

Consisting of 2,217 pieces, this bricked-out Rimac took 50 hours to build. Obviously, the rounded panels were hard to make out of bricks, with the creator using the Studs Not On Top (SNOT) technique. While creating all the details took a lot of time, the most time-consuming ones are the headlights and the turning system.

As for the details, this Nevera has an opening boot, butterfly doors (albeit smaller in proportions), and several compartments. There are interior details as well, which you can see in the photos above.

The Rimac Nevera Lego Ideas entry is still in its infancy with only 25 supporters at the time of this writing. It needs to reach 100 supporters within 56 days to move on to the next milestone, which is to reach 1,000 supporters within a year.

This is a long way to go before hitting those milestones but you know, it had to start somewhere so every vote counts. If you like what you see here, don't hesitate to follow the source link below and pledge your support to the project.