Hyundai is expected to launch the Ioniq 6 electric saloon (inspired by the Prophecy concept) in 2022 and after that, in 2024, the Ioniq 7 SUV will be brought to market. The latter was recently teased and the manufacturer provided enough information for an accurate preview rendering to be created based on it.

Just like the other two models, it too will be based on Hyundai’s dedicated scalable platform for EVs, but it will be the biggest of them all (around the size of an average American mid-size SUV such as Hyundai’s own Palisade). Regarding the look of the Ioniq 7, it was already teased twice: first its outline was shown from a side perspective, then most of it was revealed in a teaser published not long ago.

Ioniq 7 teaser

Now TopElectricSUV from India has done a great job piecing all this information together and the result is a very credible rendering that looks spot on. It shows a vehicle that from the side bares some resemblance to the Dacia Duster, with the wide bulging wings and the shape of the roof, but its fascias will look nothing like the Romanian off-roader.

The front fascia will be dominated by a wrap-around light bar, as well as big vertical LED daytime running lights. It will look nothing like other crossovers from Hyundai, although there is a hint of the Ioniq 5 about its design, especially when it comes to the style of its light clusters.

The three-row Ioniq 7 is one of the 23 EVs that Hyundai wants to have in its lineup by 2025 and there are some indications that it could arrive even sooner than officially announced. It will have the same 800V architecture that will allow charging at up to 350 kW and the battery pack is expected to be around 100 kWh.