The Genesis GV60 is a talking point, to say the least. Whether you like it in its initial attention-grabbing shade of yellow or the staler white, that's all up to you. Or maybe you dig its stealthy all-black hue, which somehow hides its polarising body accents.

But lest we forget, it is Genesis' first luxury crossover electric vehicle, which will serve as a benchmark for the Korean marque's bid to electrification. Parts of this offensive of course are tech toys that will attract buyers into the brand.

Genesis announces just that – a facial recognition system that's claimed to improve control of the vehicle.

Genesis GV60 Facial Recognition

Initially to be available for the Genesis GV60 and will be gradually rolled out to the rest of the lineup, the "Face Connect" technology allows the EV to recognise human faces, which in turn can open and close doors without using a smart key. Similar to the one found inside the Subaru Outback, the vehicle will apply the settings saved under the profile of the saved face, which include driver's seat and steering wheel positions, as well as HUD, side mirrors, and infotainment settings.

Of note, Genesis touts a Near-Infra-Red (NIR) camera, ensuring that the face recognition system will work even under low visibility – yes, even at night.

With this new tech, Genesis aims to liberate drivers from the "hassle" of bringing their keys every time. You can even leave the smart key inside the car, go out and do some wet outdoorsy stuff (locking the car in the process), then come back and unlock the car using your face. Just maybe don't hit your face with something so the car will still recognise you.

Along with the Face Connect tech, Genesis announces a "Fingerprint Authentication System" that allows the users to start the car using only their fingerprints.

The automaker also expanded the scope of its OTA software updates. Beyond the settings on the infotainment system, navigation, digital cluster, and HUD, OTA software updates will now include electric vehicle integrated control device, suspension, brakes, steering wheel, and airbags.

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