Stunning pictures and video from the Indianapolis Fire Department captured a blaze that destroyed around 40 cars in Indianapolis, Indiana. Firefighters were on the scene at 1:46 AM at the lot where Insurance Auto Auctions stores vehicles. 

While this might just seem like a local news story, the amazing pictures transform this into something special. There's a talented photographer working at the Indianapolis Fire Department.

Gallery: Indianapolis Fire Department Car Blaze Photos

The fire occurred deep in the auto yard, so the firefighters had to use tanker trucks to bring in water for extinguishing the flaming cars. They also set up large pools and pumped the water out of them. The Indianapolis Fire Department had things under control by 3:26 AM. There were no injuries.

The fire department is still investigating the cause of the fire. Lightning might have started the blaze, the department told CBS 4 Indy. A thunderstorm moved through the area earlier in the evening.


A video of the scene (above) really puts things into perspective. Some of the shots are reminiscent of the opening of Terminator 2 because of the burned-out cars sitting next to ones that are still in flames. Flames and smoke rise into the night sky. Some of the vehicles aren't even recognisable anymore.

The fire department used a forklift with a long reach to pull some vehicles away before the fire could get to them. In other cases, the machine lifted cars so that firefighters had easier access to the specific areas that were burning.

It's a shame to see any car destroyed, but this is the best possible situation for it. The vehicles were waiting for auction, so no one lost a car that they needed to get around. Presumably, the owner of the lot had insurance, so the business hasn't lost much other than the time to clean up this mess.