You might remember the guys from the Life OD YouTube channel from their build earlier in the summer of a Honda Civic powered by a bicycle built for two. They're back with an updated car that now gets power from a bright green scooter that's mounted above the engine bay. It takes two people to operate: one behind the wheel and another straddling the bike.

The guys don't just take the car for a ride around the block this time. Instead, they strap it to a trailer and go to Honda Fest at Thompson Speedway in Connecticut to see what diehard fans of the brand think.

The response is even better than what the builders expect. Practically everyone pulls out a phone to record the bizarre scene of a man riding a scooter above a Civic. There are modified Hondas everywhere you look, but these guys are the stars of the show with their Frankenstein machine. 

Even when it's parked, people crowd around the car to try to figure out how this thing works. With the bonnet being gone, they can actually get a good look at how the engineering works. The Civic's transmission is still in place, so the person behind the wheel can shift into reverse and the car goes backward.

The scooter probably doesn't have much more than a single-digit horsepower figure, so the Civic can't go much quicker than someone walking briskly. It just shows that there are more ways to get attention at a car show than having the most expensive or fastest ride.

These guys have gone from a bicycle to a scooter powering this old Civic, and we wonder what's next. A neat thing to see would be getting one of Honda's modern, retro-inspired motorcycles like the Monkey or Super Cub and using that to power the Civic.