The development of any new model requires a lot of time and huge investments, especially if we are talking about a new performance flagship car from Porsche. When the 959 supercar was under development, the automaker built 12 test prototypes, which are known as the F-Series prototypes, and came before the pre-production cars and the pilot production vehicles. These cars are easily discernible from one another, and one examples is now for sale.

The seventh car finished in Ruby Red (one of the prototypes with that colour) has a body that seems almost like a production 959. This trial car was made for testing of electrical systems and hot weather testing and was tested in Europe and the US West Coast. During this process, several different interior layouts were installed, including one with different seats.

Gallery: Porsche 959 prototype for sale

This prototype is one of very few surviving from the F-Series, as Porsche destroyed most of the 12 test cars it made after the 969 hit the production lines. The car was imported into the US in the second half of the 1980s and was displayed at the headquarters of Porsche importer and dealer Vasek Polak. It was then shipped for demonstration activities in Japan before being sold to Belgium and the United Kingdom a few years later.

If you are trying to find the differences between a standard 959 and this prototype, let us help you. The test car lacks power steering, a fuel filler cap, ride height control, rear seatbacks, a passenger-side wing mirror, alarm, a windscreen washer, and others. Additional wiring underneath the passenger seat and hard mounting points for electronic testing equipment next to the rear seats also indicate this is indeed not a production car.

The car is now in Germany and is sold by Mechatronik with the odometer showing about 26,520 kilometres (16,478 miles). The price? You’ll have to contact the company and ask about it if you are seriously interested.