Earlier this month, our spy photographers captured an amped-up Hyundai Ioniq 5 out testing for the first time. We believed this was the hotter N variant of the brand’s all-electric crossover, and there are plenty of clues to support this claim, which is made only more clearer in a new batch of spy pics. The new photos show the hunched-down crossover out testing at the Nurburgring race track. 

The crossover in the new pics wears the same number plate as the test vehicle we spied earlier, and it has all the same performance tells, too. The Ioniq 5 lacks any camouflage, and there are noticeable differences between it and the regular variant. The 5 sits lower, likely riding on a revised – stiffer – suspension that improves its handling. Helping to fill out the wheel wells are wide, meaty-looking low-profile tyres. The wider stance means Hyundai had to add small wing/fender flares to house the wheels.

Gallery: Hyundai Ioniq 5 N Spy Photos

Hyundai hasn’t hinted at what powertrain could be hiding in the N, though it’s not a complete mystery. The Kia EV6 shares its platform with the Hyundai, and the Kia has a high-powered GT trim that offers 577 bhp (430 kilowatts). The platform is allegedly capable of handling up to 600 bhp (447 kilowatts), so the Hyundai could get a few extra ponies to set it apart from its Kia sibling.

There is a chance this fails to get the N moniker as Hyundai hasn’t said if such a model is in development, though it’d be a perfect fit for the badge. The crossover’s sportier stance, beefy tyres, and big brakes indicate this Ioniq 5 offers more than the standard model. How much more? We’ll have to wait. The Ioniq 5 is on track to begin arriving this fall, so we’d expect an Ioniq 5 N to debut to happen sometime next year. It could debut as a 2023 model.