Here is a fresh look at the Porsche 911 GT3 RS as it test at the Nüburgring Nordschleife. There's still quite a bit of covering on the body, but it can't hide how aggressive the machine looks.

Starting at the front, the RS gains massive openings on the bonnet that are even more prominent than the slits on the nose of the standard GT3. Also, there's black tape over the corners of the wings/fenders in front of the brakes. This suggests the presence of brake cooling ducts.

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The engineers tack big vents onto the front wings/fenders. From the looks of things, they are even bigger than the ones on the previous-gen RS.

There's more black tape on the rear quarter panels. The location indicates the company is trying to hide inlets there, like the ones on the current 911 Turbo.

The rear of the roof has two vertical strips along the edges. These parts are likely for helping the vehicle's aerodynamics, possibly by channelling air towards the wing.

Speaking of which, the massive wing on the rear deck is one of the most obvious styling elements on the GT3 RS. An earlier spy video shows that it's capable of active adjustments for maximising the piece's effectiveness. Strakes on the boot lid direct air to the engine.

Underneath the tail, there's a large diffuser. A pair of circular exhaust pipes come out of the centre.

There's a hefty roll cage visible through the window. The driver is in a heavily bolstered Recaro racing seat.

The GT3 RS would use a 4.0-litre flat-six engine. The previous-gen RS makes 520 bhp (383 kilowatts), and the new one reportedly has a small power bump. The mill allegedly revs to 9,500 rpm. 

We're expecting the new GT3 RS to debut either late in 2021 or early in 2022. Deliveries should start in 2022.