Mercedes-Benz has been really active in electrifying its vehicle lineup, with the recently-concluded Munich Motor Show serving as a launchpad for several new models, including upcoming concepts that are yet to hit production. Even its performance division AMG has revealed its latest all-electric model, the 751-bhp AMG EQS, but one model is still missing – the much-awaited Mercedes-AMG One.

It has been a while since we've seen a public sighting of the One, but here it is again, caught before and during its Nurburgring routine by CarSpyMedia.

Gallery: Mercedes-AMG One Nurburgring Spy Photos

Even better, the AMG One here is wearing the new AMG camo wrap that we first saw on the hypercar's official public road teaser back in May.

Interestingly, the beginning of the video shows the AMG One seemingly caught the end of the road with dirt up ahead. It proceeded, nevertheless, then made a U-turn before heading back on the road.

Next, it was tailed while in transit, giving us a full view of the rear and a pure recording of its F1-sounding engine. At this point, we hope you're wearing your best headphones as the Mercedes hypercar sounds really heavenly. If you're one of the few 275 buyers who have been eagerly waiting for their AMG One, this should whet your appetite.

Speaking of buyers, deliveries of the AMG One are expected to start by the end of the year, so a full reveal might happen towards the final quarter of 2021. No exact date yet for the launch, though, but each unit will cost at least £3.5 million (including taxes).

If you're like us mere mortals, you have a chance to drive the AMG One, albeit, in a virtual world. It will appear as the Mercedes-AMG Project One "Forza Horizon Edition" hypercar in the newest version of the video game, which will arrive on November 9.