Can you believe it’s been more than six years since the first reports of a potential Apple car emerged? Our archives show the very early reports about an electric and autonomous vehicle from the tech giant date back to 2015, and so far, all we’ve heard are rumours and speculations. And guess what - there’s a new report coming from South Korea claiming Apple has changed its plans. Again.

In the early stages of development, Apple allegedly had the plan to develop the car on its own, without input from companies coming from the automotive industry. However, as it encountered a series of problems and limitations, the firm decided to collaborate with an automaker and knocked on the doors of Hyundai, Nissan, Magna, and most recently Toyota. All of these manufacturers were not interested in the project, though.

According to the new report, Apple has once more decided to continue the development on its own. Local sources within the company allegedly told the site that the company is currently restoring its vehicle development centre and is processing the documents required for Apple to secure the necessary supplier contracts.

The report clarifies the main reason behind Apple’s new strategy is the fact that the discussions with players from the automotive industry didn’t go well and basically not a single company was interested in a potential collaboration. After many failed talks, Apple allegedly decided that it can no longer delay the project as the automotive market is changing rapidly.

According to the report from South Korea, Apple is sticking to its initial plan to develop a high-tech electric vehicle with autonomous functions. However, it is believed that the tech giant is still at least four years away from launching its product on the market. Once it goes on sale, experts believe Apple could sell about 1.5 million units by 2030.