For the record, the Ferrari F8 Tributo packs a serious punch with its twin-turbocharged 3.9-litre V8. With 710 bhp (529 kilowatts) and a quick-shifting seven-speed transmission, it can hit 60 mph in under three seconds and turn a low-10-second quarter mile. Stock for stock, it's a tidy match against the previous-generation Porsche 911 Turbo S. But this particular 911 isn't stock.

That's the showdown in this fresh video from DragTimes, pitting an overachieving 991.2 Turbo S against a stock Ferrari. The video dishes out the details at the beginning, explaining this 911 has an ES850 package from AIM Performance. The result is 900 bhp (671 kW) at the wheels for this Turbo S, which actually translates to over 1,000 bhp (746 kW) at the engine. With all-wheel-drive grip, this Porsche is a straight-up monster. The Ferrari F8 Tributo isn't any slouch, but being completely stock, it's clearly outclassed in this hypercar showdown. That totally explains why it won the first of three races against the Porsche. Wait, what?

Admittedly, we're being a bit dramatic here. In a gesture of good faith, the Ferrari driver was given a jump off the line. Drag Racing 101 says never give a 700-bhp Ferrari an advantage unless you're driving a Top Fuel dragster or something with an afterburner, because a slight advantage is all it takes to score a win. Technically, the Porsche scored a faster elapsed time of 10.1 versus 10.2 in the Ferrari, but it's only one-tenth off, despite a tremendous difference in power. Bravo, Ferrari.

Gallery: Ferrari F8 Tributo first drive

The second race wasn't so fortunate for the Ferrari. The driver was asleep at the line and the Porsche showed no mercy, cutting a .082 reaction time. The 911 sprinted several car lengths in front before the F8 Tributo was even moving, and the Porsche charged forward to a 9.98-second pass at 145 mph. The Ferrari finished a distant second, running 10.45 at 135 mph.

The final race, however, saw both drivers launch at the same time. It was a proper showcase of each car and while the 911 prevailed, it wasn't the shellacking you'd expect with a 300-bhp (224-kW) advantage. The Turbo S finished with a 10.05-second time at 144 mph, compared to 10.33 at 137 mph in the F8. Not a bad showing for Ferrari. Not bad at all.