On September 9, 2021, Bridgestone announced a partnership with EV charging station provider EVBox. Together with European mobility technical services provider TSG, the companies are working to expand Europe’s EV charging infrastructure over the next five years. As Europe moves to reduce its vehicle-related emissions to meet upcoming deadlines, investment in EV charging infrastructure is a crucial step for public adoption.  

The group announced that a total of 3,500 charging ports will be installed across Bridgestone’s existing European retail and service network, which includes branded outposts including Speedy and First Stop. The new charging ports will first roll out in France and Italy, before moving on to the U.K. and more countries across Europe. 

Both AC and DC fast charging stations will be installed as part of the rollout, with high-demand routes given priority on fast charging stations. Private and fleet vehicles alike will be able to use these stations once they’re operational.  

Since EVBox already operates a large network of electric vehicle charging stations across Europe, its partnership with Bridgestone means that users will be able to access any charging station in the EVBox network. As of September, 2021, that includes over 130,000 publicly available charging ports around the world, with additional units being installed (like the Bridgestone partnership).  

“Bridgestone is committed to encouraging the adoption of EVs across Europe, partnering with leading manufacturers to develop premium tires and sustainable technologies that meet the specific requirements of EVs. Building a truly EV-ready retail and service network is critical when it comes to helping drivers make the switch to electric mobility,” Bridgestone EMIA vice president of retail operations Christophe de Valroger said in a statement. 

“Through this partnership, we will be supporting the much-needed expansion of Europe’s charging infrastructure, providing EV drivers and fleet operators with the convenience and efficiency they demand. EVBox Group has been leading the EV charging industry since 2010, so establishing this partnership was an easy choice for us,” he concluded. 

While this plan specifically involves Bridgestone EMIA (that’s “Bridgestone in Europe, the Middle East, India, and Africa) and EVBox, it’s worth noting that Bridgestone and EVBox both already have large international presences. The current plan is rolling out in Europe, but could what the two companies learn from this partnership influence future plans elsewhere around the globe? We’ll just have to wait and see.