For car nuts, Mad Max: Fury Road is a notable film. Not because of high-speed car chases nor was it because of the wild display of spruced-up machines. It's because, in the post-apocalyptic charge into action, Immortan Joe and his War Boys came in a 100-strong caravan of scary vehicles.

According to the Warner Bros. film's production designer, these cars were scavenged from Australian junkyards, including their accessories and fake weaponry. While obviously not all of the cars made it at the end, there are still 13 of these wild rides that exist.

Most importantly, the 13 Mad Max: Fury Road vehicles are all available for sale at Lloyds Classic Car Auctions-Asia Pacific in Australia. Want a vehicle for your mobile rock concert? The Doof Wagon is perfect for you, we're just not sure if the fire-breathing electric guitar's included.

Or maybe you want to arrive at work in a pair of 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Villes mashed together? Immortan Joe's Gigahorse is also up for grabs, though we highly doubt the harpoon and flamethrower. Then again, its mere presence should give anyone the creeps.

Those two are just part of the 13-strong package you can buy at Lloyds Auctions. The other cars include the War Rig, Nux Car, Convoy Car: Elvis, Convoy Car: Flamer, Razor Cola, Pole Car, Sabre Tooth, Fire Car, Caltrop: El Dorado, Buggy: Ratrod Chev, and the Buick: Heavy Artillery with Hummer Weapon Mount.

Yes, all 13 are available but you can only purchase them as a package. Lloyds also offers full privacy and confidentiality, which means you can contact them directly through phone or email. Most importantly, the auction house can ship the cars anywhere in the world, while any currency is accepted including cryptocurrencies.