The Donkervoort D8 GTO Individual Series gives buyers of the Lotus-Seven-inspired machine the ability to customise the vehicle to their exact specifications. The company claims that the only limit is what's legal in the European Union. Under the bonnet, there's the most powerful engine ever in a Donkervoort. It also marks the end of the D8 GTO family of models.

Donkervoort partners with Abt Sportsline to offer the D8 GTO Individual Series with Audi's 2.5-litre inline-five turbocharged engine making as much as 435 bhp (325 kilowatts) and 420 pound-feet (570 Newton-metres) of torque. This lets the model go 1.4 seconds quicker around the famous Spa-Francorchamps circuit. A five-speed manual comes standard, but a six-speed sequential gearbox is also available.

Gallery: Donkervoort D8 GTO Individual Series

Buyers can decide whether to set up their D8 GTO for the road or focus on track use. The selections include a  Bosch ABS system with a tune specifically for circuits and a faster steering rack for quicker reactions.

Aesthetically, Donkervoort cleans up the exterior design of the D8 GTO Individual Series by removing the nose-cone flaps, scoops, and 3D-printed air outlets. However, customers can request to have these elements back. Carbon fibre wheels are also available.

Buyers are also free to pick the colour or colours of the paint. Alternatively, exposed carbon fibre is an option.

The situation is similar on the inside where buyers have a nearly endless number of choices. There are comfort-focused seats with heaters in them and carbon racing chairs. Naturally, a customer can select the colours and patterns for the upholstery. Amenities like reversing cameras, radar detectors, and air conditioning are also available.

If a person wants to take this even further, Donkervoort can deliver bespoke luggage that matches the car. Made-to-measure race suits and helmets are available, too.

Prices for the D8 GTO Individual Series start at €162,900 (£140,000 at current exchange rates). Although, the customisation choices add to the price, so don't expect many buyers to get the car at this price.