The 993 generation of the Porsche 911 ran from the 1995 to 1998 model years in the United States, and they have become highly collectable as the final production vehicles in the brand's history with an air-cooled engine. In this video, Ammo NYC cleans one with a mere 1,100 miles on it.

This car has sat inside for years. It's just a little dusty but looks fantastic even before the cleaning. The challenge here for Ammo NYC is being very careful to keep the vehicle pristine. This means not lifting it to prevent marking the body and leaving the wheels on to make sure no damage happens to them.

Special attention is necessary because this is a rare 1997 911 C4S with lots of options. There are colour-matched seats, brakes from the Turbo, and wheels from the meaner model, too.

Cleaning the car is simpler than a lot of Ammo NYC videos. First, it gets a thorough wash. There's very light scrubbing to clean the paint but not enough rubbing to harm the paint. There's some minor buffing to get rid of so-called "love marks" to get rid of swirls from the owner wiping the body. Then, it goes under the pressure washer again.

The wheels receive a light cleaning. With so little driving, the interior doesn't need much work.

The owner now intends to sell the C4S. The car is sure to bring quite a bit of money because of its rarity and low miles. This raises the question of what you do with a vehicle like this. On one hand, the vehicle is practically pristine and is likely to gain value if the market stays the way it is. On the other hand, there aren't many examples of the 993, especially in C4S form, so the machine is begging to be driven.