Hyundai has announced its ambitious plan to popularise hydrogen as a powerful and sustainable energy source for the automotive industry in the next two decades. The South Korean company estimates that by 2030 it will achieve a price point for production fuel cell vehicles that is comparable to battery-powered vehicles. During the Hydrogen Wave online event, Hyundai has also unveiled the Vision FK concept car.

It takes the form of a two-door sports car and the automaker explains it is powered by a 690-bhp (500-kilowatt) hydrogen powertrain. In fact, it’s a more complicated system that combines a fuel cell energy converter with a rear-wheel-drive RWD, plug-in system, capable of over 373 miles (600 kilometres) per single tank of hydrogen. When the full potential of the machine is unleashed, it can reach 62 miles per hour (100 kilometres per hour) in less than four seconds.

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That’s literally everything Hyundai is willing to share about the sports car for the moment but it has other interesting concepts it has unveiled. The Trailer Drone, for example, is a futuristic hydrogen-powered container transportation system that can operate completely autonomously. It has a modular hydrogen tank system that allows only the required number of tanks to be installed tailored to each particular journey. A single charge provides a range of more than 621 miles (1,000 kilometres), which Hyundai says is comparable to existing container transportation systems.

As part of its fuel cell strategy, Hyundai wants to have available hydrogen or battery-powered powertrains for all commercial models by 2028. The automaker will develop a brand new fuel cell commercial vehicle for global release, of which it expects to produce and sell up to several hundred thousand units per year.

In order to achieve its ambitious plan, the company will unveil a new generation fuel cell system in 100-kW and 200-kW variations in 2023. It will be up to 50 percent cheaper than Hyundai’s current FCEV tech, 30 percent more compact, and twice more powerful.