Rumours of an upcoming Apple Car just won't die. Dating back to the first report from 2015, we've seen or heard it all but the Cupertino-based tech giant has yet to give us an Apple product that we can drive or ride in.

The latest one is related to a former Chrysler proving grounds just outside Phoenix, Arizona. According to MacRumors, the said over-5,000-acre proving grounds in Wittmann is being bought by Route 14 Investment Partners LLC, its lessee since 2017.

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Though the link between Route 14 and Apple is yet to be established, many believed that the tech giant is behind the company, masking its identity. MacRumors also reports that the purchase agreement is dated June 25, 2021. That said, we can deduce that whoever is behind Route 14 needs the facility for a long haul, though a concrete link to Apple is yet to surface.

Testing and developing the supposed autonomous Apple Car make sense in Arizona. The Grand Canyon State has become a choice spot for the test and development of autonomous vehicles since 2015. An executive order, signed by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, allows for the testing and piloting of self-driving cars on certain public roads.

Beyond the purchase of the proving grounds, the tech giant is allegedly back on track with the Apple Car with a potential deal with Toyota. According to that report, Apple is meeting the Japanese automaker for a potential partnership, with a goal to final a trusted and solid automotive partner to make the first production vehicle by 2024.

Details are scarce, as always, so whether this partnership will ever bear fruit in the future remains a question. Nissan and Hyundai were other companies reportedly contacted by Apple in the past but to no avail.