Choosing three of the best Aston Martin designs is no easy task. Thankfully car designer Frank Stephenson is on hand with three of his favourite Aston Martin designs along with a detailed breakdown. Every Aston Martin is pretty which makes this task uniquely difficult. Frank’s expertise and interesting choices lead us through decades of great design that helped define Aston Martin.

First up we have the perfectly sculpted Aston Martin D4 GT Zagato. This interesting Aston Martin had its body sculpted by the Italian craftsmen at Zagato in Italy where they created a brand-defining car. The Aston Martin D4 GT Zagato shows the very early stages of Aston Martin’s brand-defining grille along with an unmistakably Aston Martin greenhouse area. Frank also points out the small details surrounding the rear window and its integration with the rear quarter panel. At first glance, the Aston Martin D4 GT Zagato is undeniably pretty but with Frank’s insights, it becomes much more.

Next up we have the complete opposite of the Aston Martin D4 GT Zagato, welcome to the 1977 Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Today we expect Aston Martins to have a balance of muscle and classic beauty, but in the 1970s Aston Martin was still trying to find a balance in design language. As Frank points out, the Aston Martin V8 Vantage looks like it could have rolled off an assembly line in Detroit thanks to its unmistakable muscle car looks.

The most modern Aston Martin on the list is the limited production One-77 which saw only 77 units produced in 2021. The One-77 is Frank’s perfect blend of classic beauty and muscle car looks to create a piece of rolling art. The expressive lines and use of a massive front grille mean the One-77 stands out from the crowd.

Which Aston Martin is your favourite? For this author, it’s the DBS that somehow found a way to improve on the DB9’s already good looks.