The BMW Z8 roadster was one of the automaker's quirkier cars at the turn of the century. It sported a unique design while hiding a V8 under its long bonnet, and its design is still one that turns heads today. That's what makes the Oletha coupe so eye-catching. It's not an exact Z8 copy, but the influences are clearly visible, and the creation is stunning and sleek to look at.

The company doesn't say what's underpinning its Oletha, though we think it's based on the E86 Z4 and not on a Z8. The rear window and greenhouse look identical, and the fuel filler door location is the same – directly behind the passenger door. However, the Oletha erases nearly every Z4 reference with stunning bodywork that transforms the model into a unique car. According to Smit Vehicle Engineering, the Oletha has a carbon-fibre composite body, with the car tipping the scales at 1,401 kilograms (3,090 pounds).

Gallery: Oletha Coupe

Under the bonnet is the naturally aspirated S65B44 4.4-litre V8 that makes more than 450 bhp (335 kilowatts). The engine features a custom carbon-fibre intake manifold and bespoke stainless steel and Inconel exhaust components, with the engine pairing to a six-speed H-pattern manual gearbox. Power routes to the wheels through a mechanical limited-slip differential. Stopping power comes from AP Racing brakes with lightweight forged Radi-CAL callipers and fully floating rotors. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres wrap around forged monoblock wheels.

We don't get to see inside, though the company says it'll have a driver-focused cockpit decked out with the best material. Customers can choose between eight-way adjustable touring seats or carbon-fibre composite sport seats. Customers can request a bespoke build, which includes a choice of materials, colours, and textures, and the company welcomes any special requests regardless of any additional engineering and design work. The Oletha looks like a modern-day Z8.