Just weeks after building the final example of the 3 Wheeler, Morgan is teasing the next generation of the trike-like model. It hits the road next year.

The next-gen 3 Wheeler in these teaser images is under heavy camouflage, but they tell us a lot. The biggest change is that an exposed V-twin engine is no longer a prominent element at the front of the vehicle. In fact, the powerplant is no longer visible at all. Morgan calls the vehicle in these pictures an "engineering prototype undergoing durability testing."

Gallery: New Morgan 3 Wheeler

The three-finned element on the nose of this car appears to be a temporary placeholder. There are exposed brackets on it that don't look like they would be on a production vehicle. The element also doesn't match the rest of the machine's smooth exterior styling. Morgan says the new 3 Wheeler has a "new design language inspired by the early jet age."

From these images, we can see that the new 3 Wheeler still has exposed suspension and steering components at the front. Cycle-style fenders cover the wheels.

These shots don't let us see inside, but it's clear there's still just a two-person cockpit. A roll hoop is over the driver's head. There's a tiny, Brooklands-style windscreen that diverts a little of the airflow over the driver.

Instead of the V-twin engine, the new 3 Wheeler adopts a Ford-sourced naturally aspirated three-cylinder engine. Morgan isn't discussing the gearbox.

Previously, Morgan seemed very close to building an electric version of the 3 Wheeler. It was supposed to go on sale in 2018, but the company cancelled the project just before actually putting the product on sale.

The EV didn't have very impressive specs, though. It was going to use a liquid-cooled electric motor making just 47 bhp (34.8 kilowatts) powering the rear wheel. A 21-kilowatt-hour battery pack would have offered an estimated range of 120 miles (193 kilometres).